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History of the Walldogs: The Walldogs are a group of talented sign and mural artists from all over the world. The Walldog movement began in 1993 when dozens of artists gathered in Allerton, Iowa to paint several large historic wall advertisements. The tradition of painting wall advertisements is continued today by this modern pack of artists as they paint in the design styles of the past. From the colors they use to the art styles they practice, these artists capture the history and culture of every town they visit.

In June of 2015, the Walldogs gathered in Delavan, Wisconsin, and transformed the town with beautiful murals bringing to life the varied history of Delavan. Come see for yourself the impeccable work and artistry and learn a bit about Delavan that you probably didn't know.

FOUNDERS AND TEMPERANCE BEGINNINGS - 52 E. Walworth Ave. (on side of Delavan Chamber of Commerce)

ELMER GAUGER, OLD BARN STUDIO - 130 E. Walworth Ave. (on side of Estetica Unisex Carmen)

TRIBUTE TO THE MILITARY - 111 S. 2nd St. (on side of American Legion)

BIRTHPLACE OF THE P.T. BARNUM CIRCUS - 302 E. Walworth Ave. (on side of Alexa's Boutique)

WISCONSIN SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF - 416 E. Walworth Ave. (on side of Family Dollar)

FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT & E. TOWNSEND MIX- 405 E. Walworth Ave. (on side of The River Church)

CIRCUS STAMP/GORDON YADON - 335 E. Walworth Ave. (on side of Delavan Post Office)

VAN VELZER CIGAR COMPANY - McDowell St. and 3rd St. Parking Lot (on side of carriage house)

RED DEVILS, SEMI-PRO FOOTBALL TEAM - 313 E. Walworth Ave. (on back of Remember When Antiques)

EARLY INDUSTRY - 114 N. 3rd St. (on side of Delavan Fitness Center)

DELAVAN ART COLONY - 215 E. Walworth Ave. (on back of Baymont Inn)

RODRIGUEZ BROTHERS POTATO FARM - 137 Park Place (on side of Hair Techniques)

EAT 'N TIME - 217 S. 7th St. (on side of Noble Insurance)

MUSTER TREE/TRAIN DEPOT- 223 S. 7th St. (on side of Jet Wash)

BORG-GIBBS-BRADLEY WWII PRODUCTS/WAR YEARS - 811 Ann St. (on side of Delavan Fire Station)

COMMUNITY KIDS WALL - 1001 E. Geneva St. (on front of Wileman School)

BIG BAND & BALLROOM - 2400 E. Geneva St. (inside Lake Lawn Resort) 

DELAVAN LAKE STEAM SHIPS/RESORTS - 210-212 State Road 50 (on Reed's Marine)

FRANCISCO VARGAS - 103 N. 2nd St. (on side of building) 

SECOND INDUSTRY - 114 N. 3rd St. (on side of Delavan Fitness Center)

Downtown Delavan
Delavan, WI 53115
(262) 728-5585




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